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Fitness & Wellness

We'll get you up to speed! The Schloss Auel Fitness Club by Body Invest offers you everything that makes an athlete's heart beat faster: from cardio and body building to vibration, EMS and personal training. Train on 200 m2 above the clubhouse with a view of the driving range. As a hotel guest you can train for free.


Personal training

Benefit from the expertise of our fitness gurus: The qualified sports scientist Daniel and his wife Susanne have decades of experience and have set up their own sales department for EMS devices with ROTON. We are proud to have you as the operator of the Schloss Auel Fitness Club in our company since September 2021 and look forward to it

about the breath of fresh air and the great ability to motivate. 

EMS & Vibration training

An EMS training only lasts 15 minutes and strains the entire muscles in a way that is otherwise only possible with 20 hours of conventional training. For this purpose, the body is connected to electrodes that work on the muscles with gentle impulses. This Vibration training also takes place on Vibro Gym plates and activates almost all muscle groups in just 20 minutes. For EMS & Vibration training please make an appointment. 


Private Spa

Our private spa is available exclusively to you as a guest

Disposal! A Klafs sauna with a starry sky awaits you, as well as a spacious relaxation room with ergonomic loungers. 


Speak to reception to reserve your time slot. We would also be happy to book massages and cosmetic treatments for you. 

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