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Ecological and social responsibility in the spirit of climate protection is a matter close to our hearts. We have been committed to the areas of energy efficiency and environmental protection for several years. 



We strive for thatcareful use of resources: SWe generate 70% of our electricity in our own combined heat and power plant. We obtain the additional electricity we need from the company 'Naturstrom': 

100% certified green electricity exclusively from Germany and Austria. 

Our initiatives

  • Coffee, tea and sugar are fair trade products in organic quality

  • We source the drinks, such as the seltzer water and the Ahr wine, from the region

  • Our ballpoint pens are made from recycled cardboard

  • All cleaning products are biodegradable

  • The hotel linen is cleaned by a certified company

  • Our personal care products are made on a natural basis

  • A large-scale photovoltaic system  is in planning

  • In co-operation withWohlleben Forest Academy parts of our forests  incorporated into the jungle project


Castle Bees

"We learn from bees: Live from nature without destroying it. As a family business, we work with as many colonies as we need to survive. That shouldn't change. We distance ourselves from: ever bigger, ever more, ... The bee products are put into the glass as naturally as possible. The queens' wings are not clipped. We work with our bees with respect, love and joy."  - Paul Müller

Are you also enchanted by our ambience?

OursBEEWITCHEDYou can buy honey from Müller's organic beekeeping at reception and in theWahlscheider Herbal School buy.

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