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Fasting cures & Nutrition coaching

Would you like to do something good for yourself? Slow down with a fast and enjoy nature at the Forest Lodge. The perfect place to regenerate and leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind you. 


Fasting cures

Our fasting cures are based on the three big V's:

Whole food, renunciation and responsibility.

Whole food nutrition means 

This goes hand in hand with thatWaiver on foods that rob us of energy and even make us sick. Learn the basic building blocks of healthy eating and raise awareness of hidden pitfalls in everyday life. Of course, responsibility for your body, what you are willing to give up and what you can implement in your everyday life remains with you. We provide guidance and assistance to strengthen your discipline.Because:

Woh no will, there no way!

Back to nature

DA mindful stay in the forest ensures deceleration and new joy in life. 90 hectares of forest and meadow, traversed by wonderful hiking trails, allow you to regain your connection to nature. Because when we open ourselves to their wisdom, we learn a lot about life. The sound world and the colors have a calming effect on our senses and allow us to quickly forget stress. In our hectic lives, we often lack one thing in particular: concentrating on the essentials. 


Nutrition coaching

'You are what you eat.' 

You will learn how to treat your body carefully and how to procure and prepare food consciously in our nutritional coaching sessions. These, like the hiking tours, are an integral part of our fasting cures. After analyzing your eating habits, we will work together to develop an individual nutrition plan that can be integrated into your everyday life. Depending on your wishes, your goals and your basic requirements. 

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