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The Golf Lodge

Award-winning! Together with the Oxen architectural firm from Cologne and the company Lignotrend from Weilheim, we designed a minimalist “Bergisches Longhouse” made of wood and slate in 2016. We won the NRW Wood Prize in 2018 for the design and implementation using exclusively natural materials. Discover the wonderful indoor climate of the Bergisch silver fir!


Room & Suites

The golf lodge has four double rooms with their own terrace, another double room with a view of the putting green & two spacious junior suites. The furnishings are modern and minimalist. A special highlight are the bathrooms made of polished slate with rain showers. 

Sleep & Retreat

Do you want to feel really recovered and relaxed again? Use our golf lodge for 

relaxing days in the Bergisches Land. The sleep-promoting silver fir gives you strength for the day's activities. Regenerate with long walks in the forest, get active with bike tours through the Wahner Heide and end your day in our private spa.

Golf, yoga, massages and beauty treatments form our diverse program offering. 

Badezimmer GolfLodge Suite.jpg

 "Do you want to keep wandering? See, the good is so close. Just learn to seize happiness:

Because happiness is always there."

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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