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Welcome to Bee Lodge, our beehive air lodge. The passionate Bioland beekeeper Paul Müller looks after our castle bees here, which produce our own organic honey BEEWITCHED in the now total of 16 colonies. Do you have breathing problems or allergies? The high-quality propolis air from the beehives will save you the year!


API therapy

Use nature's medicine! Many patients with respiratory diseases, e.g. asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD, sinusitis, immunodeficiency, herpes and pollen allergy sufferers are already using the beehive air of Apitherapie Lohmar with very pleasing results.In the park of Schloss Auel, the only Api therapy center in North Rhine-Westphalia, you have the opportunity to book bee therapy for yourself. For appointments and further information please contact Müller's Bio Beekeeping directly. Inhale & Take a deep breath. 


Beewitched by Schloss Auel

Are you also enchanted by our ambience?

You can buy a golden piece of Auel Castle for your home at the reception and in theWahlscheider Herbal School buy. 

BEEWITCHED by Schloss Auel per glass €6.90 

The Bioland certified honey is produced in our castle park. Sweeten your journey home!


Müller's organic beekeeping

'We learn from bees: Live from nature without destroying it. As a family business, we work with as many peoples as we need to survive. That shouldn't change either. We distance ourselves from: ever bigger, ever more... The bee products come into the glass as naturally as possible. The queens do not have their wings clipped. We work with our bees with respect, love and joy.'  - Family Mueller

Do you want to do something good? Give yourself or your loved ones a bee sponsorship!

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